AH&LA Green Guidelines 

AH&LA’s Green Task Force is developing a series of comprehensive, sustainable greening guidelines designed expressly to create an environmental-friendly and sustainable hotel.  In developing the guidelines, the goal is to identify those that are the most reputable and provide the best pathways for the industry as a whole.

The guidelines give hotel owners and operators opportunities to reduce operating costs and environmental impacts through reduced utility consumption, recycling programs, employee training, and supply chain management.  Hotels can improve both their fiscal and environmental performance by adhering to these guidelines, as well as see benefits in corporate environmental management, housekeeping, food and beverage operations, conference and meeting functions, and engineering.
 Recycle Tree 

There are nearly 70 guidelines that focus on energy and water conservation and waste management.  For those just starting out, 14 key guidelines have been culled from major private sector and state certification or rating systems, including ENERGY STAR, Green Seal, Green Globe, Green Key, and LEED.  Many of the minimum guidelines will include case studies, business cases, and resources for properties to implement. 

The guidelines will be continuously added and built upon with the next set focusing on design and construction, materials and resources, chemicals and cleaning, and indoor air quality. 

Click here to review AH&LA's 14 Minimum Green Guidelines.  AH&LA members can download a printable version, including the complete glossary of terms.

Take your green initiatives one step further by incorporating any of these 58 additional green guidelines into your property's operations.  These measures address energy, waste, heating, cooling, and more, and are broken down into simple tactics.  Educational resources are also provided.