Although the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) estimates there has been an increase in bed bugs in America over the last several years, the increase has had a minimal impact on the vast majority of hotels.

    Bed bugs are brought into hotels by guests; it is not a hotel sanitation issue.  Education, awareness, and vigilance are critical. A trained and knowledgeable housekeeping staff is one of the best lines of defense, along with having regular pest control inspections.

    Typically, the bites produce redness, swelling, and itching.  It is important to note bed bug bites do not transmit any human diseases.

    Although not empowered to set standards for the lodging industry, the association offers additional resourceful tips, information, and products for hoteliers through its Educational Institute (EI), based in Orlando, Fla.


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    For further information, please contact NPMA and Ecolab.

    *Information provided by Ecolab Pest Elimination and the National Pest Management Association, Inc. 


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