About Membership

AH&LA understands that running a hotel is about far more than a comfortable night's sleep for your guests.  It's about the impacts of legislation and regulations from Washington, and the need to stay a step ahead of the competition.  Our association is about what happens behind the scenes - what will make your establishment run smoother, be more cost-effective, and grow your profits.  As a member of AH&LA, you will be part of an industry and communications powerhouse.  Receive access to the key players and resources that drive the lodging industry, and benefit from a large, growing team of hoteliers, owners, chains, and independents.

For a full list of benefits, including government advocacy and representation in Washington, D.C., discounts on Educational Institute products and industry conferences to free research via the Information Center and Lodging Magazine, click here.  Looking to see what the return on your membership investment will be?  Click here to find out. To review a copy of our Executive Brochure, click here. 

AH&LA membership can be obtained for just $3 per room.  If you are a brand, this is paid as part of your annual franchise fee (subject to the participation of the chain).  Best Western, Kimpton, and La Quinta have announced they will pay membership for all U.S. franchisees.  Independent properties can join AH&LA and remit their membership dues directly to the association or via your partner state association.

Membership Categories 

Branded properties 

Management companies, owners, REITs 

Independent properties 

And AH&LA has membership available for many other types of industry sectors, including:

Allied - for companies that do business with the lodging industry 

International - for properties headquartered outside the United States  

Academia - for universities/colleges offering specific programs in the field of hotel management and hospitality 

Studentfor those studying hospitality as a future career 

Under 30 Gatewayfor hospitality professionals under age 30 

Still have questions? 

Call our membership department at (202) 289-3100.


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