Women in Lodging (WIL) Connect
WIL membership gives you prime access to high powered women who empower women.

This first industry-wide forum exclusively for female hospitality professionals is your opportunity to connect with top professionals nationwide and gain career momentum.  WIL is a catalyst 1) to enable the personal and professional development of women with strategies and actions focused on removing barriers and providing solutions, 2) to foster the development of women to obtain leadership competencies that contribute to the achievement of overall career growth, and 3) to engage women in the political process as it relates to our industry. 

Membership is free to all women employed at AH&LA member organizations, regardless of your position within the company.  Join this initiative of more than 2,000 women across the country.  Not sure if your company is a member?  Contact Member Services at (800) 252-2462 or membership@ahla.com. 

Men wishing to support the mission of WIL may also become a member at no cost, as long as their company is an AH&LA member. 

Click here to see if your state already has a chapter.  If not, consider starting one and reap the additional benefits these local chapters provide, including extra opportunities to meet more industry women in your community and getting more out of your membership.  Contact Rosanna Maietta at (202) 289-3144 to get started.

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About WIL

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For questions about WIL Connect, contact Rosanna Maietta at rmaietta@ahla.com or (202) 289-3144.

Notice for AH&LA Allied members

National allied members can attend state chapter events at the member price without joining the state partner association. They can enroll in WIL Connect, the national database, and will receive all state chapter updates, but cannot participate in the state planning committee in a leadership capacity.

State allied members, who are not AH&LA allied members, can attend state events at the member price, but must pay the nonmember price for AH&LA WIL events. They can participate in the state planning committee, but cannot join WIL Connect unless their organization becomes an AH&LA Allied member.

WIL Leaders to be Profiled in Monthly WIL eNews

WIL Connect's monthly series honored female leaders in the lodging industry; click below to see who was profiled.  

• March – CEOs
• April – sales/marketing
May - CFOs
• June – general counsels
• July – GMs
• August – development and/or investment
• September – food/beverage
• October – human resources
• November – sustainability
• December – communications/marketing 

And if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in WIL, click here to enroll - with more than 2,000 members nationwide, the initiative continues to gain momentum from every corner of the industry.  

Congratulations to the state chapters in Wisconsin and New York for adding the most new members.  Two new WIL members - Amy Simchak, regional director of operations for North Central Group, and Cynthia Holloway, general manager of the Holiday Inn in Saratoga Springs - have been selected to have lunch with WIL Founder Nancy Johnson, chief development officer, the Americas, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, or Brooke Barrett, co-chief executive officer, Denihan Hospitality Group.

Stay connected to this robust group, foster networking, and provide knowledge to help women advance their careers.