The Hotel Industry’s Commitment to
Enhancing Employee Safety

In an unprecedented effort in September 2018, AHLA announced the 5-Star Promise, a voluntary commitment by AHLA members to enhance policies, trainings, and resources, including employee safety devices, that together are aimed and strengthening safety and security for hotel employees and guests. 

Nearly 60 member companies representing an estimated 20,000 hotel properties have made the pledge. As a result, an estimated 1.2 million employees will be better protected on the job. Today, nearly all these hotels have implemented four pillars of the pledge. In addition, more than 5,000 hotels have implemented employee safety devices. The industry has taken additional measures to ensure the safety of our employees and guests in response to COVID-19.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 and the resulting drop in travel has devastated the hotel industry, unlike any crisis we have ever seen. Many hotels are struggling to survive, with potentially thousands at risk of closing their doors forever. Given these extenuating circumstances, many hotels will need additional time to implement employee safety devices nationwide. 

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5 star promise

The Five Stars

This comprehensive and unprecedented commitment includes these five important components:

  • Build on our industry’s longstanding commitment to hospitality and a People Culture by continuing to provide industry-wide training and materials on safety and security, and retain expert guidance to work with the industry on diversity and safety matters.
  • Ensure mandatory anti-sexual harassment policies are in place in multiple languages.
  • Provide ongoing training and education for employees on identifying and reporting sexual harassment.
  • Provide U.S. hotel employees with employee safety devices to help them feel safe on the job.
  • Broaden vital partnerships with wide-ranging national organizations that target sexual violence and assault and trafficking and promote workplace safety.
5 Star Promise

AHLA Position

AHLA believes that when it comes to safety and security, there is no compromise. The hotel industry develops and continually reviews policies that promote a safe environment for our employees and guests. Our commitment to provide employee safety devices and adopt enhanced policies, trainings and resources around sexual harassment and assault builds on the hotel industry’s longstanding efforts to promote employee and guest safety.


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“The American Hotel & Lodging Association is an example of how all industries can and must step up to champion healthy, safe, and inclusive workplace cultures for their employees. We commend AHLA for proactively addressing important safety and security is

- Monika Johnson Hostler, founding Managing Partner of RALIANCE

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