Guideline #5
Implement a towel and/or linen reuse program. 


Linen and towel reuse programs typically allow guests to choose whether or not to have their linens and towels laundered everyday. 

By asking your guests to choose to use their towels and linens more than once, your property can achieve considerable annual financial savings with minimal costs. You can expect, approximately, a 17% reduction in laundry loads and related water/sewer, energy and labor costs.  In addition, your hotel’s linen and towel lifespan can be expanded, thereby decreasing replacement costs. 

Successful hotels have communicated with their guests using in–room materials including environmental table brochures, door hangers or pillow cards and towel program door hangers. It has been proven that once your guests are aware of this program, most of them will participate in it.

Hotel operators have learned that a commitment to the environment is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also a good business practice.

Business Case

On an annual basis, a typical 300-room hotel can reduce its water usage by 51,840 gallons and detergent usage by 346 gallons.  There is also the potential for additional savings with a reduction in housekeeping and laundry labor and linens and towels purchases.


For the calculation, guest participation is based on 22% because this program involves only those guests who stay multiple nights. The energy, labor and water saving costs are calculated from several national surveys at .92 daily per room.

Guest Rooms


Occupancy Rate


Guest Participation


Labor, Energy Saved


Total Days


Total Saved












Annual Savings 
Annual Energy, Water and Labor Savings:  $15,957

Total Annual Savings: $15,957 


Purchase the free linen reuse hotel cards found on Project Planet's Website.

A great resource for hotel linen reuse program is Green Lodging News. Also, track and measure your energy and water consumption using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool.

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