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Workforce Solutions and Housing for Refugees Webinar

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The refugee crisis is growing in the U.S., with displaced persons from Afghanistan, Ukraine and other countries in need of support. Hear from AHLA, the U.S. Departments of State and Health & Human Services, and Church World Service & Refugee Housing Solutions for a discussion on the refugee resettlement process and how the hotel industry can help.
Questions addressed, include

  • How can hoteliers participate in federal programs to support refugees in the United Sates?
  • What areas of the country are facing the largest refugee challenges?
  • Who should hotels contact in their region for more information?

Featured Speakers

FEMA Disaster Lodging Forum Webinar

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  • Transcript available here


Featured Speakers

  • Chip Rogers, Moderator, President & CEO, AHLA
  • Joshua Wert, Disaster Support Branch Director, Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
  • Cindy Atkins, Transitional Sheltering Assistance Unit Lead, Mass Care Emergency Assistance, Individual Assistance Division, FEMA Recovery Directorate
  • Mark Tinsman, Emergency Work Section Chief, Regulation & Policy Branch, Public Assistance Division. FEMA Recovery Directorate
  • Zachary Usher, Mass Care, Voluntary Agency Liaison, and Community Services Branch Chief
  • Kathy Hill, Acting Director, Office of Business, Industry, and Infrastructure Integration

More Resources

  • Tent - The Tent Partnership for Refugees is a non-profit organization launched in 2016 to mobilize the global business community to include refugees