For more than eight consecutive years, the hotel industry drives the American economy, adding 188,000 new jobs since 2010 and is currently 72,000 jobs ahead of its prior peak. As a business of people serving people, our industry thrives because our people are at the core of the industry, which is why we are an above minimum-wage employer. Our industry supports competitive wages with good benefits for our employees. Indeed, the industry has increased wage and salary income by $18.5 billion over the past decade, paying employees $74 billion. More importantly, the hotels provide a pathway to career advancement that is so important to our collective success.

Yet, it is unfortunate that across the country, local and state governments have proposed wage increases that target only the hotel industry above others. Certain localities, such as Los Angeles and Santa Monica, passed wage ordinances singling out hotels, which also include opt-out provisions for unionized workplaces, giving labor an unfair advantage. These provisions are discriminatory and disrupt the well-established balance between management and labor laid out by federal labor law. Our industry will continue to fight for a fair and equitable working environment for both employees and employers.


Upward Mobility

AHLA Position

AHLA views local wage initiatives that target only hotels as a direct attack on the hotel industry and will continue to oppose theses efforts. We support policies that treat all workers and businesses equally and fairly. The hotel industry is an advocate for its employees and providing them a career path towards upward mobility and opportunity

Key Stats

  • The majority of hotels pay a starting rate above the minimum wage for at least 90 percent of their entry-level employees.
  • More than half of department managers in hotels and many general managers started their hotel careers in hourly, entry-level positions and move their way up the ranks.
  • The hotel and lodging industry supports 8 million jobs, include 4.5 direct impact jobs.
  • The hotel industry has increased wage and salary income by $18.5 billion since 2005, paying employees $74 billion in 2015.
  • The hotel industry has added 188,000 jobs in the past six years.
  • The hotel industry is 72,000 jobs ahead of its prior peak.
  • the hotel industry supports $355 billion in total labor income.
  • Hotels employ more than two times the workers that automakers employ.
  • A typical hotel with 100 occupied rooms per night supports over 250 local jobs every year.
  • The vast majority of hotels, averaging 98 percent or higher, offer benefits to full-time employees, including medical, dental and vision insurance, as well as 70 percent of hotels offer tuition reimbursements in addition to other insurance and human resource options.
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We support policies that treat all workers and businesses fairly. The hotel industry is an advocate for its employees and provides them opportunities for advancement and upward mobility

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