No Room For Trafficking

Combatting human trafficking through training and awareness

The No Room for Trafficking program is an AHLA and AHLA Foundation awareness program that builds on the industry’s ongoing commitment and work to end human trafficking. Through elevating, assessing, educating and supporting the fight to end human trafficking, the campaign will ensure hotel employees are continuously developing a better understanding of ways to identify traffickers and potential victims in hotels.

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Hotels are united to combat human trafficking

As part of the hotel industry’s continued efforts to combat human trafficking, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) launched a public service announcement raising awareness about the No Room for Trafficking Campaign, which unites the industry around a single, comprehensive approach to fight human trafficking.

"Through vigilance, training and commitment to prioritizing the prevention of human trafficking, the hotel industry will continue to play an instrumental role in ending the scourge of this modern-day form of slavery"

- Chip Rogers, AHLA President & CEO

No Room For Trafficking Action Plan

Hotel employees who have undergone training are more aware of trafficking when it happens – and are more willing to report it – than those who have not been trained. That is why hotels across the country are continuously expanding training tools and resources to ensure employees remain vigilant and have a deep understanding of the most up-to-date indicators to spot human trafficking. 

Your Role in Preventing Human Trafficking: The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute’s long-standing online training program is available through AHLEI through AHLA's partnership with Marriott InternationalECPAT-USA and Polaris. The addresses the issue of human trafficking and discusses the intersections between human trafficking and the hospitality industry. The free 30-minute training is available in 17 languages to ensure that global hospitality organizations can share this important program as widely as possible. 

To ensure staff is knowledgeable and remains vigilant, it’s important to display signage to help staff be conscious of ways to spot potential instances of trafficking in your hotel. Below are links to three of our partner organizations that provide signage and collateral for hotels and businesses in an effort to prevent human trafficking. To download or request materials, click the links below:

  • Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign: Indicator signage helps educate the public on signs and indications of trafficking and report suspected trafficking to law enforcement.
  • ECPAT-USA: ECPAT-USA has developed posters that comply with various human trafficking laws, including state-specific cases. 
  • National Human Trafficking Hotline: The Hotline provides a free, downloadable flyer in 20 languages and a wallet-sized card in English and Spanish. Additionally, the card can be easily downloaded and added to your website.
  • The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC): NCMEC works with law enforcement to build a comprehensive list of missing children and provides downloadable posters properties can display in their back offices to help with these efforts.

As part of the campaign, AHLA is providing members with a recommended companywide policy template that companies can adopt to ensure they have a comprehensive employee code of conduct in place and to ensure unified standards across the industry. To view AHLA’s recommended company policy, click here. To further customize your template company policy, contact our partners at Polaris. Polaris will work with your specific brand or property to develop tailored solutions to help shape your property and employee’s responses to trafficking.

Additionally, The Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (The Code) is the world’s first and only voluntary set of business principles that travel and tourism companies can implement to prevent the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children. The Code provides awareness, tools and support to the travel and hospitality industry. The Code is a joint venture between the tourism private sector and ECPAT-USA. To sign up for the Code visit ECPAT-USA's website.

The hotel industry has long partnered alongside all levels of law enforcement to ensure when instances of trafficking are suspected, employees understand who they can contact to report suspicious activity. As part of this campaign, the industry will continue to build upon our strategic partnerships with law enforcement, including continuing to partner with the Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Violent Crimes Unit. Additionally, we encourage members to directly coordinate with their local law enforcement’s human trafficking task force to foster an ongoing relationship.

For suspected instances of human trafficking, reach out to the following agencies for resources and assistance:

Additional Resources

Browse additional trafficking prevention resources from AHLA and our trusted partners.

Get the latest from the State Department

Through the annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report), the U.S. State Department's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons comprehensively assesses what governments around the world are doing to combat this crime. The TIP Report is an invaluable tool that helps the global community go beyond preconceived notions of human trafficking to better understand the complexities of this crime.

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Unpacking Human Trafficking

ECPAT-USA's “Unpacking Human Trafficking” report provides a summary of the laws of the 50 states relating to the display of trafficking awareness posters in lodging facilities and employee training requirements.

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No Room For Trafficking Receives Top Honors

No Room for Trafficking, an AHLA and AHLA Foundation awareness program that builds on the industry’s ongoing commitment and work to end human trafficking, was the recipient of a 2021 North American SABRE Award in the Non-Corporate Association category. The award recognizes superior achievement in branding reputation and engagement.

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Raising awareness is not enough.

AHLA supports legislative principles that can help hotels combat human trafficking.

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