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AHLA and Deloitte in New York at the AHLA Owners & Management Council Meeting for the announcement of our partnership. (Left to Right: Guy Langford, Deloitte; Chip Rogers, AHLA; Adam Weissenberg, Deloitte; and Kevin Carey, AHLA.)  

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Making an impact that matters. 

provides audit, tax, risk and financial advisory and consulting services. We are continuously evolving how we work and how we look at marketplace challenges so we can continue to deliver measurable, sustainable results for our clients and our communities.

With more than 150 years of hard work and commitment to making a real difference, our organization has grown in scale and diversity—approximately 245,000 people in 150 countries and territories—yet our shared culture remains the same.

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Transportation, Hospitality & Services

The Deloitte Transportation, Hospitality & Services team helps companies drive growth in the technology-driven, rapidly evolving hospitality and leisure industry. Travel and hospitality industry trends include changing customer expectations, technology modernization, risk mitigation, and more.

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2019 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook

Key trends powering growth in a technology-driven industry

A strong economy, rising global consumer purchasing power, and digital innovation have all fueled record growth in the travel and hospitality industry. But there are still several challenges that could throw the industry off course in 2019. What are the biggest trends likely to shape hospitality, airlines, cruises, and ground transportation in the year ahead?

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Human Experience

Human experience: At the heart of learning, living, connecting, and business loyalty

The shifting landscape of consumer trends in travel and hospitality.

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human experience


AHLA Silver Partner, Deloitte, is a world leader in privacy and cyber security. We thank them for sharing their expertise with AHLA members through a webinar on Data Privacy & Cyber Security-- And How it Impacts your Business.

This exclusive, member-only benefit discusses information on the impacts data privacy laws and the threats of cyber security can have on your business and where the hotel industry can work to safeguard themselves. Learn more about the CCPA legislation, effects it can have if applied to your organization, as well as how it compares to GDPR. The team will touch on the global privacy landscape highlighting current trends in China. Cyber is everywhere we turn and driving digitization - hear about the trends in digital business, where digital transformations are taking shape to increase efficiencies, and what key challenges enterprises define for cybersecurity management.

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