Green Guidelines: Informing Guests, Staff & Associates

Communicating green programs and achievements to guests, staff, suppliers, vendors, meeting planners and the local business community creates a culture of transparency and reinforces a hotel’s commitment to sustainability. Some of the ways that hotels successfully communicate their green initiatives and achievements include:

  • Including information on hotel websites;

  • Including information on travel websites and booking engines;

  • Posting recycling guidelines in the lobby and vending areas and back-of-house;

  • Placing placards on towel and linen reuse in guestrooms;

  • Adding information to in-room television rotations;

  • Posting monthly water, waste and energy statistics in employee break areas to highlighting improvements and associated environmental effects (e.g., this month’s reductions are equivalent to taking 25 cars off of the road);

  • Sharing policies, achievements and updates via email with suppliers, vendors, meeting planners and the local business community;

  • Including green initiatives in all marketing and advertising;

  • Hanging posters highlighting green efforts and achievements throughout back-of-house;

  • Including green tips in staff newsletters and daily stand-ups;

  • Establishing a green team that meets monthly;

  • Sharing info on green initiatives at all staff meetings;

  • Inviting local environmental experts to speak at staff meetings;

  • Offering tours of the hotel highlighting successful green projects;

  • Advertising and offering information on local eco-tourism options;

  • Providing ways for guests and associates to evaluate a hotel’s green practices;

  • Review all green policies and initiatives for consistency and timeliness every six months.  Have policies signed by the hotel’s Executive Committee and/or department heads;

  • Including green information in standardized email footers;

  • Celebrate successes and recognizing employees who go “above and beyond” to ensure the success of green policies and initiatives.  

Resources for Communicating Green Initiatives  

Resources for hotel communications plans from the Florida Green Lodging Program (PDF)