HTNG Communities of Interest

Welcome to HTNG's new Communities of Interest! These groups will serve as discussion groups, tailoring conversations to focus on tech around specific areas in hospitality. Sign up for a group below!

Please contact Sandy Angel if you have any questions.

Communities of Interest

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had a broad impact on technology, but what are the key considerations in hospitality? Building management, chatbots, revenue, and network management are just a few examples. Will standardization, use case evaluation or a broad program of education help the hospitality industry take the plunge into AI? This group will foster discussions around hospitality AI strategies, including basic technology guidance and key deployment and implementation considerations.


Hotel Infrastructure

Everyone agrees that the pace of evolving technology is staggering.  Devices, applications, mobility, and the insatiable need for speed and ubiquitous service places a great deal of pressure on hotels.  Guest devices, operations, and other applications in use today were never contemplated when most hotels were being designed.  This team will discuss and explore advancing technologies, their impact on hotel infrastructure, and how the next generation of infrastructure will impact the industry.

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HTNG Payments Workgroups have produced a number of deliverables over the years, including Secure Payments, Hosted Payment Capture, NFC Contactless Payments, and Open Payments Alliance, just to name a few.  As payments continue to evolve, this group will discuss the future direction of payments, share information on advancing technologies and identify industry pain points and how they may be alleviated. 

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