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Committees are content-focused groups that consist of representatives across all of AHLA's membership. Committees typically meet twice a year (at minimum) and are lead by a member of AHLA staff and co-chairs on two-year terms.

AHLA committees help shape the future of the lodging industry and provide opportunities to build professional relationships. By tackling specific challenges and opportunities in ways not feasible for larger groups, AHLA committees provide continuity of thinking for the larger organization and build upon a cross-section of knowledge and experience.

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Build Professional Relationships

AHLA committees serve as the venue by which your insight can help shape industry priorities, allowing like-minded AHLA members to share expertise through task and topic-focused groups. Deepening your involvement is a great way to simultaneously network with peers, build professional credentials, help steer the future of lodging and give back to the industry. 

How do I join a committee?

In order to join a committee, you must:

  • Be a current, corporate member of AHLA
  • Passionate about your professional subject matter
  • Eager to learn from and idea-share with your hospitality industry peers

To find out if you are eligible to join a committee, please reach out.

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Current AHLA Committees

Objective: The Consumer Innovation Forum (CIF) is a research venue providing resources and thought leadership relating to the digital marketplace, online travel distribution ecosystem and broader technology landscape.

Who Should Join:   Heads of Distribution; Revenue Management, Commercial Strategy, E-Commerce, Digital Strategy, CRO, CMO

Meeting Cadence: 4 Meetings Per Year

Note: Nomination required to join this committee.

Objective: The Food & Beverage Committee explores and provides relevant, trend-forward insight and information on food service matters affecting hotels.

Committee Chair: 

Who Should Join: Vice President and Above; Food & Beverage and/or Operations 

Meeting Cadence: 4 Meetings Per Year

Objective: The General Counsels Committee is a forum to discuss legal and policy issues impacting the industry by bringing together senior legal team members from a broad cross-section of brands, ownership, and management companies 

Who Should Join: Hotel Company or Industry Association General Counsel or Assistant General Counsel

Meeting Cadence: 2 Meetings Per Year

Objective:  The GM Roundtable provides a forum for hotel general managers to discuss current issues affecting those at the frontline of the hotel industry, including the impact of federal and state legislation and regulations. The GM Roundtable provides insight into hotel operations and serves as an advisory group for the broader General Manager Network.

Who Should Join:  Property General Managers or Area General Managers

Meeting Cadence: 8 Meetings Per Year

Objective:   We harness the collective wisdom of technology leaders across hospitality to solve common problems and unlock global business potential.

Who Should Join:  CIO, CTO, VP-IT, technology consultants, senior executives with technology suppliers to the hotel industry

Meeting Cadence: 4 Meetings Per Year

  • Nomination required to join this committee.

Objective: The HR Committee provides an executive forum to promote the exchange of knowledge and helps to ensure the lodging industry is recognized as a great place to work. 

Who Should Join: Vice President or Above, Human Resources; People and/or Culture

Meeting Cadence: Monthly meetings

Objective: The Labor Relations Committee is a forum for professionals focused on labor relations to discuss ongoing issues and provide appropriate recommendations to AHLA. 

Who Should Join: Vice President or Above; Counsel

Meeting Cadence: Up to 6 meetings per year


Objective:  The Management Committee brings together top executives from companies who manage hotel operations to support AHLA’s advocacy priorities, grow the association’s grassroots engagement, discuss top issues affecting hotel operators, and strengthen the voice of the industry.

Who Should Join:  C-Suite, Heads of Operations

Meeting Cadence: Up to 6 meetings per year

Objective: The Resort Committee assesses the impact of legislation and regulation directed to the resort community; fosters resort-directed economic and consumer research, encourages continuing education and environmentally responsible operational practices; and promotes resort destination travel and tourism.  

Who Should Join: Property Owner, Director, President or General Manager

Meeting Cadence: 1 annual meeting

Note: Nomination required to join the Resort Committee

Objective: The Risk Management Committee shares ideas and resources that enhance the effectiveness of risk management programs. 

Who Should Join: Vice President or Above

Meeting Cadence: 2 meetings per year

Objective: The Sustainability Committee elevates and bolsters the environmental sustainability and resilience efforts that fall under the Responsible Stay platform. 

Committee Chair: 

Who Should Join: Vice President or Above; Sustainability/ESG; Procurement 

Meeting Cadence: 4 meetings per year

AHLA Networks

networks are open to current AHLA members and are not subject to prerequisites

Get involved with AHLA committee networks

AHLA invites you to get engaged in the industry by joining one of our committee networks. Our committee networks provide the opportunity to connect and collaborate with lodging professionals in your area of expertise.

AHLA GM Network

General Managers Network

The GM network serves as the conduit for communication, information and best practices sharing amongst property leaders.

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HTNG harnesses the collective wisdom of technology leaders across hospitality to solve common problems and unlock global business potential. 

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ForWard Network logo

ForWard Network

This program is open to anyone interested in networking with and learning from others who support advancing women in hospitality. 

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AHLA Owners Network logo

Owners Network

The Owners Network is exclusive to owners big and small and focuses on advocacy and critical issues affecting hotel owners. 

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