HotelPAC is the AHLA's Political Action Committee

HotelPAC is a voluntary, bi-partisan PAC formed to help elect federal candidates who support the lodging industry. In particular, HotelPAC serves to strengthen the lodging industry’s political voice, educate and mobilize members to become more politically active and support candidates who promote legislation and policies that create a fair business environment, allowing the lodging industry to create jobs and grow the economy.


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If you are a corporate member who wishes to submit an authorization form to solicit contributions from your members, please complete the HotelPac prior authorization form.

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Key Issues

AHLA is the singular voice representing every segment of the hotel industry including major chains, independent hotels, management companies, REIT’s, bed and breakfasts, industry partners and more.


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Safety & Security

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Alternative Accommodations

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Trafficking Prevention

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Online Booking

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Travel & Tourism

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Workforce Development

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Immigration Reform

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