State & Local Franchising

Major companies across all industries and sectors of the economy have adopted a franchise model, which provides unique benefits to both franchisors and franchisees. The key to franchising is the common standards across a franchised brand that signal to consumers they can expect the same safety, consistency and quality product or service regardless of business location.

Not only does franchising expedite the path to success for entrepreneurs, but it also allows business owners to continuously take advantage of common franchise benefits, like marketing support and advertising that operate under the respective brand standards. Across the board, this model has benefitted the hotel industry for decades while empowering entrepreneurs and strengthening small businesses.

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Our Position

AHLA advocates for policies at the state and local level that protect the franchise model for franchisees and franchisors. We oppose policies that would allow government interference in the franchise relationship established by contracts, limitations on the ability to have strong brand standards, and implement mandates that target franchised businesses with additional regulatory burdens. 

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