State & Local Human Trafficking Prevention

AHLA is uniting the industry to prevent human trafficking. Since trafficking networks often rely on legitimate businesses—many in the tourism supply chain—to sustain their illicit and illegal operations, hoteliers are uniquely positioned to lead efforts to identify and disrupt this terrible practice. Every day, hoteliers play an important role in combatting trafficking through raising awareness, coordinating with law enforcement, and workforce training. Hotels have been leading the charge and investing in employee and guest safety for decades. No Room for Trafficking is an AHLA Foundation awareness program that builds on the industry’s ongoing commitment and work to end human trafficking. Through elevating, assessing, educating and supporting the fight to end human trafficking, the campaign will ensure hotel employees are continuously developing a better understanding of ways to identify traffickers and potential victims in hotels.

Our Position

AHLA and our members have a longstanding commitment to train our employees on how to identify the signs of human trafficking and notify law enforcement.  That’s why our members utilize training and protocols developed by leading human trafficking prevention groups such as PACT and Polaris. The industry continues to work alongside elected officials and other industries who share  our commitment to combat human trafficking.

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No Room For Trafficking, an AHLA Foundation Initiative

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