U.S. Mayors Share Insights on Reigniting Travel and Business

Watch this special episode of the Forum Speaker Series as we hear from three prominent U.S. Mayors discussing their relationship with hotels in their community. Chip Rogers hosts an engaging discussion with the Mayor of Honolulu, HI Rick Blangiardi, Mayor of Tampa, FL Jane Castor and Mayor of Fontana, CA Acquanetta Warren as they share their unique perspectives and future projections for their communities and our industry. 
Topics include:
•    Reigniting travel, getting back to business, and addressing crime
•    The importance of the hospitality industry in local communities
•    AHLA's role in forming connections with state and local leaders
•    Developing partnerships between the mayor’s office and local hoteliers
•    The role mayors play in strengthening and attracting tourism 

Date & Time

August 9, 2022 – 4:30pm-5:30pm