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For hotels, currently the PMS serves as the primary interface for guests, reservations, folio, and room data. Because of this, any system that interacts with any of these entities requires an integration to be effective. Not all integrations are created equal. Integrations that require only a subset of the functionality of the PMS go through the same process as distribution channels.

Early integration standards with HTNG were focused on distributing room inventory, connecting a PMS with OTAs, CRS, GDS, Website, CRM, etc. The process of systems integrations in hotels is generally lengthy and complex. This is especially true for integrations with the PMS systems, which have the highest demand due to their importance.

The creation of a new specification and process allows vendors that need a limited set of functionality to integrate with the PMS in a more expedient way. By adding constraints on what information is accessible and what capabilities are available, we can simplify the end-to-end integration process for all parties involved.

HTNG Express is a new solution that will shorten the process for property management system integrations from months to just days. HTNG Express is a revolutionary new and free product that will save hoteliers time, increase competition among vendors and drive innovation.

HTNG Express PMS Workgroup Deliverables:


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Workgroup Chairs

Brian Erdman
Brian Erdman

Dmitry Koltunov
Dmitry Koltunov

Mike Provost
Mike Provost
Oracle Hospitality



  • Phase 1: Develop Use Cases/Identify Vendor Reps
  • Phase 2: Identify Messages Needed
  • Phase 3: Identify Requirements and Define Data Fields


  • Phase 4: Build Tech Specs (Live Documentation)
  • Phase 5: Document Process
  • Phase 6: Create Common Form
  • Phase 7: Review and Publication Process

Intro to HTNG Express PMS Integrations

HTNG Express PMS Proof of Concept