AHLA Applauds Introduction Of Bipartisan Per Diem Bill, Urges Swift Passage

WASHINGTON (March 22, 2021) –The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) today expressed support for bipartisan legislation introduced by U.S. Representatives Bill Posey (R-Fla.) and Charlie Crist (D-Fla.) that would require the General Services Administration (GSA) to set a floor for FY22 and FY23 federal per diem rates at those established for FY20. 

The following is a statement from Chip Rogers, president and CEO of AHLA:

“We applaud Reps. Posey and Crist for recognizing that COVID-19 continues to have a devastating impact on government travel and hotel occupancy, and working to ensure future government per diem rates reflect the current crisis. Government travel is incredibly important to the hotel industry, supporting tens of thousands of jobs and billions in travel spending that benefits communities across the country. At a time when our industry is fighting for survival, it is critical that GSA establish reasonable rates for FY22 and FY23 that reflect the timely business conditions for hotels and travelers. We urge Congress to swiftly pass this legislation.”