Proposed Rule Would Provide Clarity, Certainty to Businesses

WASHINGTON (June 25, 2019) – The American & Hotel Lodging Association (AHLA) today commended the U.S. Department of Labor for its efforts to provide clarity and certainty to employers in comments submitted to the Department for its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Joint Employer Status

“The hotel industry is a major economic driver, supporting millions of jobs and offering opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses,” said Brian Crawford, executive vice president of government affairs at AHLA. “In fact, three out of five hotels are small businesses—many operating through the franchise model.

"The joint employer standard is a cornerstone of labor law, providing clarity and certainty to franchisors and franchisees alike. AHLA supports the Department’s proposal to revise and clarify the Part 791 regulations governing joint employer status to better reflect the complexity of today’s modern economy, particularly in heavily franchised industries such as hotels. Our members rely on clear, predictable and stable rules and regulations to structure these common business relationships and support a strong, vibrant economy. AHLA commends the Department of Labor for taking this critical step to provide clarity and certainty to our members on this important workforce issue.”

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