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Introducing: The Guide

Accenture has just launched the second issue of The Guide, your essential ticket to the travel industry.

In this edition, you’ll find insights and examples from industry pioneers on how to navigate the shift to sustainability and become a responsible travel company:

  • Marriott International and WTTC explain how they are driving sustainability—and how they’ve empowered their leadership, employees, customers and members to become more responsible.
  • In an exclusive video interview, Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, shares his pioneering vision for a sustainable airline and talks about how travel companies can do the right thing for their customers, their people, and the planet.
  • Our new report Navigating the shift to sustainability looks at how powerful drivers such as consumer taste and values are shifting the priorities for travel companies.
  • Dr. Jesko Neuenburg, Global Travel and Aviation Sustainability Lead at Accenture, explores how to meet the sustainability challenge in his latest blog.
  • Alaska Airlines, WTTC and other leaders in sustainability identify promising solutions and potential actions to achieve a net zero future.  
  • Inspiring inclusion:  
  • Alyson Taylor, Chief Customer Officer from American Airlines, shares how being a global citizen helps drive inclusion.
  • Our new report Helping women thrive in the travel Industry analyzes how major travel companies can shape the workforce of the future.

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Today’s new traveler cares less about the way things were, and more about what they want from travel experiences now. They are now channel-less, contact-less, time-less and audience-less. Travel brands can differentiate themselves by responding to these new preferences and improving the travel experience, and we have identified five critical accelerators that will help leaders drive growth.


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Travel experts break down cloud beyond the technology: how to reinvigorate traveler confidence, build resilience and innovate in the new era. Join us for a tour of how execs across the boardroom are using cloud-based technology to adapt and change.


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  • 4000+ industry experts with a breadth of knowledge across aviation and hospitality based in 9 of the top 10 global travel markets
  • Powered by 3000+ hours of industry-specific training undertaken in 2020
  • 200+ Cornell University Hospitality Certifications completed in 2020
  • Underpinned by Accenture’s end-to-end innovation and digital transformation capabilities

Our position at the center of travel’s broad technology ecosystem means we can help clients navigate the tech platforms and players available and identify the partners they need to engage with to achieve their strategic goals.

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Our robust catalog of innovative industry solutions includes:

  • World ID Travel. Combine a passenger’s identity, itinerary and health status and assess these proactively against prescribed entry criteria. Travel companies can strike the right balance between health risk and economic reward.
  • B2B Travel. Rethinking the traveler experience and how they interact with Travel services throughout their journey while delivering business benefits
    for the corporation.
  • Back Office Excellence. End to end industry business service for Aviation and Hospitality driven by insights that provides our clients with the ability to create efficiencies for impactful cost savings in the back office.

Accenture Travel Innovation Center based at The Dock in Dublin

11 additional global Travel Hubs and Delivery Centers fostering collaboration and innovation

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We work with 90% of the world’s biggest hotel chains

Our clients highlight our dedication to innovation, execution, efficiency, and commitment to results.

With Accenture’s help, direct sales increased 27 percent in the first year of implementation and are expected to grow on a 30 percent basis over the next three years.”
José María Dalmau. Vice president of global sales and marketing, Meliá Hotels International

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Accenture to improve efficiencies across the company and fuel our future growth plans.”
Ken Greene President, Radisson Hotel Group, Americas

Read how we played a starring role in the 5-star Radisson experience

Learn more about how we worked with NH Hotels to build 5-star finance operations

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