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2018 AHLEF Golf Classic Avendra Team


Avendra is North America’s leading hospitality procurement services provider. Our supply chain management solutions are tailored to our clients’ business strategies and deliver benefits beyond great savings. We combine years of hospitality expertise, purchasing power, services and software to help customers impact the bottom line, improve operational performance, and better serve guests. More than 8,000 customers rely on Avendra as a trusted partner.

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Supply Chain Insights

Avendra's supply chain insight and procurement expertise runs deep within our organization and sets us apart from group purchasing organizations.

Featured Whitepapers

Download and review Avendra's most recent whitepapers - Featuring: Shifts in Energy Procurement, Three Pillars of Luxury Hotel Amenities, Improve Purchasing to Cut Cost, and Seven Secrets to help Manage/Reduce Cost in Hospitality Supply Chain. 

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