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The future of hiring in the hospitality industry looks nothing like it does today. In the years to come, recruiting best practices will shift from traditional, linear workflows to flywheel-like processes that rely on your relationships with databases of talent, leveraging AI and automation to move quickly, and access more intelligence to optimize your talent operations.

Hireology’s top-rated applicant tracking system is built to do just that and more — specifically for multi-location, decentralized business like hotels. Hireology helps thousands of hotels and resorts nationwide:

Attract quality talent

Easily manage a multi-channel sourcing strategy to drive high-caliber candidates to your open roles to improve candidate quality by up to 60%.

Hire top candidates faster

Optimize every step of the hiring process to excite top candidates, efficiently evaluate talent, and fill critical revenue-driving roles 50% faster.

Make smarter hiring decisions

Leverage real-time hiring data and analytics to make smarter hiring decisions and improve productivity by 25%.

Hireology earned a top 10 spot in more than 200 Winter 2024 G2 reports — with a #1 ranking in 28 reports including employee referral programs, recruitment marketing, and HR analytics. We were also awarded a total of 40 leader badges. In addition to our G2 accolades, Hireology was also named the best applicant tracking system of 2023 for hotels by Hotel Tech Report.

Stay competitive with unmatched industry data and expertise

Hireology’s unmatched hospitality hiring expertise offers hotels insight into job seeker expectations and competitor strategies — helping hotels build a roadmap for hiring success. Recent reports and guides include:

Hire better talent faster with in-platform differentiators

Build, manage, and optimize your employee referral program — directly from Hireology

Captivate talent with a career site that boasts your company’s reputation


Instantly distribute and promote your open roles on leading job boards to fill open roles — fast

Email and text candidates from a central inbox to provide a better hiring experience for everyone


Review candidates, communicate with talent, and make hires all from an intuitive mobile app

Stop wasting time in your hiring process by automating tasks like interview scheduling and routine candidate communications

Organize your candidates and customize your hiring process to fill critical roles faster

Easily conduct background checks, drug screens, and more to confidently make better hiring decisions without sacrificing speed

Digitize every step of the onboarding process to improve time-to-productivity for new employees

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