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Centralize data and visualize key performance metrics across your hotel portfolio.

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Special Report: Adopting Automation to Improve Operational Efficiency

For many hotel operators, automating manual processes has become critical to success. By gathering input from leading operators, MDO has created a free online resource that addresses how hoteliers are turning to automation to tackle rising operating costs.

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The Definitive Guide to Hotel Forecasting in 2023

Annual budgeting is no longer enough, and hoteliers today are updating their forecasts on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, looking as far as a year out. This report takes a deep dive into the right portfolio-wide analytics that will help owners and operators make sense of a dynamic forecasting environment. Read five areas of focus for hoteliers looking to produce more accurate demand and financial forecasts in 2023.

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MDO Blog

All the information you need to build and manage your Hospitality Data Lifecycle in one place. Explore educational content about Digital Document Management and Business Intelligence, including Reporting, Dashboarding and deep data analysis.

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About MDO: Digital Document Management for Hospitality

  • Go Paperless. Reduce paper, ink and toner usage to cut operational costs and become more environmentally friendly.
  • Data Security. Restrict access of critical data and documents to authorized personnel only, encrypting files to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Workflow Automation. Automate workflows to eliminate manual data input and allow multiple stakeholders to work on the same document simultaneously.
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About MDO: Business Intelligence for Hospitality

  • Total Profit Optimization. Optimize profit strategies by analyzing data on booking patterns, demand, pricing trends, competitor pricing, etc.
  • Accurate Forecasting. Predict future demand to better plan staffing, inventory and pricing strategies to maximize revenue and profits.
  • Operational Efficiency. Track operational performance metrics such as room occupancy, staff productivity and customer satisfaction.
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