With Oracle Hospitality, your business can enable the mobile, on-demand, and contactless services you need to deliver a personalized guest experience that wins loyalty. Oracle’s leading the way in hospitality technology, with an array of cloud-based software and hardware focusing on property management, point of sale, sales and event management, reporting and analytics, and much more

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It is what hoteliers want – and need – right now.  Answers to pressing questions of a post-pandemic marketplace such as:

  • What should we be doing to better compete again short-term rentals?
  • Is my competition increasingly using cloud technology for 24/7 access to data?
  • How can we increase non-room revenue?
  • How do we operate more efficiently amid a growing labor shortage?
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Integration Partners

Access partners, services, and flexible integrations that can help you adapt to ever-changing business needs and new customer trends.



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2021 Hospitality Benchmark Report:

Mobile and Contactless Maturity Analysis

Mobile and touchless options are now a given for hoteliers. Guests expect them and staff need them to work efficiently. Embracing such innovations brings benefits to every step of the guest journey, improving operations and elevating service to new heights. Oracle Hospitality partners with research firm Capstone Insights to deliver a comprehensive report on the path forward for hospitality.

66% of respondents said they effectively promote their mobile applications and rely on it for conveying guest communications and handling requests in real time anywhere on property.

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Recovery Resources

Learn how to navigate the challenges ahead and seize the opportunities that change inevitably will bring. Our Hospitality Resource Center delivers the assets and resources businesses need during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.



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Industry Research Report – A Data Driven Look at Hospitality’s Recovery

How do you adjust to thrive in this new next? Oracle Hospitality and Skift Media present: A Data-Driven Look at Hospitality's. Learn how to differentiate and deliver a safer yet exceptional guest experience, efficiently.


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Create a Touchless Hotel Guest Experience

Part of the Navigating Hospitality's "New Next" Webcast Series

Leveraging the OPERA Property Management suite and our integration partners, you can deliver a better, safer, touchless guest experience.

  • Gain insights on technology's role in limiting risk and building confidence for both guests and staff
  • Learn how to reduce unnecessary contact throughout the guest's journey
  • Discover how Oracle Hospitality's product suite and our partners can help reimagine your hotel/casino operations
On-Demand Webcast

Hotel and Casino F&B in the New Next

Technology plays an important role in transforming F&B operations to run successfully and safely in this “new next.”

Partner with Oracle Hospitality to leverage POS software and hardware as wells as our ecosystem of integration partners to reimagine your hotel/casino F&B operations and deliver a better, safer guest experience.

In this Webcast you will learn:

  • How contact can be reduced by leveraging technology available today whilst maintaining customer service levels
  • Explore options with technology and applications which provide alternate ways to serve your customers and manage orders & payments
On-Demand Webcast

A Technology Guide for a Touchless Guest Journey

Discover our touchless operational guide with 6 touch points to help you empower guests while still providing unique service.


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OPERA Cloud Property Management

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Property Management is a cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform for next-generation hotel property management. OPERA Cloud offers an intuitive user interface, comprehensive functionality for all areas of hotel management, secure data storage, and hundreds of key partner interfaces to meet the needs of hotels of all types and sizes.

View our demo here.

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OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management (OSEM) is an extensive sales and catering management application that is part of the Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Suite, providing streamlined operations and maximized revenue for meeting space and guest rooms. With the advantages of the cloud, you can take OSEM mobile for offsite customer visits or roam the property with customers during site inspections, check availability of inventory, and make changes to the customer’s bookings while on the go.

View our demo here. 


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Oracle MICROS Simphony POS

The premier POS system for restaurants, bars, cafes, and pantries delivers complete enterprise and back-office functionality on fixed and mobile devices, supporting operations of all types and sizes—from global hotel chains to independent hotels, casinos, and resorts.

View our demo here. 



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