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Relay is establishing a benchmark for the next technological revolution that focuses on innovative, durable, and highly adaptive voice-first technology for the hospitality industry and beyond. Our vision is to empower teams of any size with technology that allows them to safely and quickly connect to the people and information they need to get their jobs done more efficiently.

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Quite Simply, the best panic button


Talk and protect with two lifesaving tools in one device

We don’t just solve your panic button needs, we give you team-wide communication in the same device. You won’t find that in another panic button solution.

Install everything yourself – quickly and easily

You won’t find an easier solution to install. No drilling, no wires and no hassle. Peel a sticker, click a few buttons and you’re up and running.

Save more, get more

Stop overpaying for outdated solutions that come with extra costs and installation fees. Our solution is not only easier to setup and manage, it translates into the best rates available.

Brand compliant

Room-level accuracy satisfies all brand mandated and legislative requirements. And your solution will update over-the-air if anything changes.


From the smallest business to the largest stadium, our system can adapt to your space. Over-the-air updates bring new features and improvements, so your system just keeps getting better.

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