Tools and Resources to Combat Trafficking in Hotels: ECPAT-USA provides tools and resources for hotels that can be downloaded and printed including posters that comply with the various laws, checklists and e-learning resources.

Blue Campaign Posters: The Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign provides a wide variety of human trafficking awareness materials, including awareness posters, to help educate the public to watch out for signs and indications of trafficking and report suspected trafficking to law enforcement.  

Download the Blue Campaign Posters here: Awareness Poster, “I speak” Poster.

Indicator Cards: Access the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Indicator Cards for quick reference guides for employees. 

Missing Children’s Posters: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) works with law enforcement to build a comprehensive list of missing children with downloadable posters properties can display in their back offices to help with these efforts.

Trafficking in Persons Report: Through the annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report), the State Department assesses comprehensively what governments around the world are doing to combat this crime. The TIP Report is an invaluable tool that helps the global community go beyond preconceived notions of human trafficking to better understand the complexities of this crime.