Anchana Chailert

Anchana (Mindy) Chailert

Department of Special Investigation (DSI)

Special Case Officer

Anchana Chailert, also known as Mindy, is a dedicated Special Case Officer in Thailand's Department of Special Investigation (DSI). With 25 years of service to her country, she joined the DSI after the enactment of The Special Case Investigation Act B.E. 2547 (2004). Anchana's extensive legal education, including a Bachelor's degree in Law, a Master's degree in Law, and a degree in Political Science, along with her transfer from the Ministry of Energy, have positioned her to make significant contributions to the DSI's mission under the Ministry of Justice. Her unwavering commitment to justice and the security of Thailand exemplify her invaluable role within the DSI.

Anchana's career within the DSI commenced at the Intellectual Property Crimes Bureau, where her exceptional investigative skills and interrogation expertise propelled her rapid progression. Her pivotal roles within various bureaus, including the Bureau of Special Case Management, Bureau of Regional Operations, Bureau of Security Crime, Bureau of Foreign Affairs and Transnational Crime, showcased her significant contributions. Collaborating closely with esteemed officials like the Director General and Deputy Director of the DSI provided Anchana with invaluable insights into organizational operations and strategic initiatives. Leveraging her political science degree, she skillfully planned policies to enhance the DSI's effectiveness as a leading law enforcement agency in Thailand.

During her tenure at the Office of the Deputy General Director of the DSI, Anchana made significant contributions to a high-profile human trafficking case in Pattaya, Thailand. Currently undergoing prosecution in court, the case highlights Anchana's integral role. As a member of a special team from the Human Trafficking Crime Bureau, she successfully facilitated the arrest of seven individuals accused of trafficking in persons for forced labor on a fishing boat. The severity of the issue and its impact on Thailand's international reputation and human trafficking rankings prompted the government to prioritize addressing human trafficking, particularly forced labor in the fishery sector. Anchana's dedication to combating this grave crime aligns with the government's efforts to rectify the situation and elevate Thailand's standing in the global community.

Anchana's experiences in combating human trafficking ignited a profound concern for human rights, particularly those of children. Motivated by this passion, she actively pursued avenues to protect and uphold children's rights. Her dedication led her to play a crucial role in the establishment of the Child Sexual Exploitation Crime Center (CSECC) within the DSI, which was inaugurated in October 2022. Shortly after its establishment, Anchana was transferred to the CSECC, where she wholeheartedly focuses on combating crimes against children. Anchana's commitment to safeguarding children emanates from her belief in providing life-saving support, instilling hope, and tirelessly defending the rights of children, ensuring their well-being and securing their future.