Irvin Aldridge

Irvin Aldridge

Eleven Software

Head of Hospitality Solutions

Irvin Aldridge, Head of Hospitality Solutions at Eleven Software, has spent more than 25 years in a mix of strategic technology and business roles within the hospitality industry. Most recently, as Airangel's Chief Product Officer, Irvin led product discovery, design & marketing. Now that Airangel has been acquired by Eleven Software, Irvin will drive product management to create successful business outcomes for the company's rapidly growing base of global hospitality customers. Irvin motivates his team to innovate across Wi-Fi, loyalty, compliance and branding to create the right guest experience for customers and partners' customers.

Prior to Irvin's roles at Eleven Software and Airangel, he was a leader in hospitality for 15 years across regional and international hotel brands in various operational and strategic positions.

Irvin holds an MBA from Lancaster University Management School, is a keen student of the IT Revolution library, and an enthusiastic coach for both junior rugby and basketball. Irvin is also exploring the Wim Hof Method.