Khang Nguyen Trieu

Khang Nguyen Trieu


Group Chief Technology Architect

Khang Nguyen Trieu has been Group Chief Technology Architect for Accor since January 2021. He is responsible for the strategic technology roadmap and oversight of the enterprise architecture required to ensure Accor Tech can meet the current and future needs of the business.

Khang has been working in technology for over 20 years in France and then in Singapore. His career included an extended period with the digital arm of the French rail company, SNCF, where he became Director of Software Assets. In 2016, Khang made the move to Singapore to broaden his exposure to opportunities in technology and innovation. In 2020, he joined Accor as Chief Information Officer for Asia Pacific, a role he held until he was promoted to a Group position in 2021.

Integral to Khang's career in technology has been his advocacy of digital innovation as a source for good. He is an active author on digital transformation. He is an investor in, and contributor to, Time for the Planet, the first open source and crowdfunded investment company and incubator to fight climate change. He is also an advisor to startups around scaling their management and software enginnering practices.

Khang holds a Masters in Information Systems Management from Telecom Paris. He holds professional certificates in Agile Management, Cloud Architecture and Big Data Architecture.