Technology Acceleration Award

Tech Acceleration Award

AHLA's Technology Acceleration Award recognizes companies that have taken specific steps to advance innovation in hospitality. This year's award recognizes companies that have adopted HTNG Express, a new solution that shortens the process for post-booking hotel property management system integrations from months to just days.


Congratulations to the 2023 AHLA Tech Acceleration Award Winners:
  • Actabl

  • Agilysys

  • Belmond


  • BluIP

  • Clairvoyix

  • Directful

  • Hapi

  • Instio Experiences

  • iOpen Innovations

  • Logistics

  • Phonsuite

  • Oracle Hospitality

  • TigerTMS

  • TipQwik

  • Visual Matrix



Tech Acceleration Award Winners


Pictured above: 2023 AHLA Tech Acceleration Award Winners being recognized on stage during The Hospitality Show at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas on June 28.


Tech Acceleration - Oracle Hospitality


Pictured above: 2023 AHLA Tech Acceleration Award Winner, Oracle Hospitality, being recognized at The HTNG & Hotec EMEA event in Portugal on October 31.