Travel and tourism are critical drivers of the American economy, generating $2.3 trillion in economic output and supporting one in nine American jobs. Maintaining and growing this segment requires increasing the flow of international visitors to the U.S. while recognizing the value of government, business, and leisure travel here at home. Global travel is growing, but the U.S. share of the international travel market has declined since 2015, costing a potential 96,000 new jobs and an additional $30.7 billion in spending by international visitors. The U.S. can facilitate and encourage international visitors while keeping a strong commitment to security. The hotel industry supports a welcoming message to the world and policies that strike an appropriate balance between security and travel.

Congress recognized the importance of international visitors to the U.S. when it created Brand USA, a public-private partnership that promotes America as a travel destination for international visitors. It has been an unqualified success—welcoming international travelers, generating American jobs and enhancing America’s image abroad—at zero expense to American taxpayers. Brand USA must be reauthorized by the end of 2020.


AHLA Position

AHLA urges Congress to reauthorize Brand USA to ensure we can keep fighting for America’s share of global travel dollars. AHLA also calls on Congress to pass the JOLT Act to modernize the Visa Waiver Program and facilitate streamlined travel into the U.S., while bolstering homeland security and counterterrorism efforts.

Key Stats

  • 1 in 9 American jobs depend on travel and tourism.
  • Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. average $2.6 billion a day, $108.1 million an hour, $1.8 million a minute and $30,033 a second.
  • $2.3 trillion: Economic output generated by domestic and international visitors (includes $990.3 billion in direct travel expenditures that spurred an additional $1.3 trillion in other industries).
  • 15.3 million: Jobs supported by travel expenditures (includes 8.6 million directly in the travel industry and 6.7 million in other industries).
  • $248.2 billion: Wages shared by American workers directly employed by travel.
  • $157.8 billion: Tax revenue generated by travel spending for federal, state and local governments.
  • 75.6 million: Projected number of international arrivals in the U.S. in 2016, including 37.6 million from overseas markets.
  • Hotel operations and guest spending report 8 million jobs, including 4.5 direct jobs.
  • Hotels support $355 billion in total labor income.
  • Hotels generate nearly $170 billion in federal, state and local taxes.
  • There are 54,200+ properties, over 5 million guest rooms and 1.1 billion+ guest nights annually in the United States hotel industry.
  • The industry has added 188,000+ new jobs in five years.
  • Hotel revenue has increased to $245 billion in 2015, and real consumer spending on lodging has increased by 230% over the past three decades.
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The United States receives a larger share of international tourism receipts than any other country in the world.

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