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Express PMS Integrations

For hotels, the PMS serves as the primary interface for guests, reservations, folio and room data. Due to this, any system that interfaces with these entities requires an integration to be affective. Currently, the process of system integrations in hotels are generally lengthy and complex, especially integrations with the PMS systems. This workgroup will bring together the PMS providers and ecosystem partners to explore and develop best practices that drive improvements to the integration processes and increase efficiency.

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Lithium-based Battery Safety

Lithium-based batteries, which are found in electric bikes and scooters, cars, laptops, tablets, phones, and common household devices, have inherent risks. They can overheat and ignite fires that often cannot be extinguished by water or fire extinguishers. Understanding how to handle, store, charge, and dispose of batteries is imperative for the safety of guests and employees. This workgroup will create best practices for hotels to help mitigate and respond to the risks associated with commonly used lithium-based batteries.


Optimizing Lodging Content for the Distribution Ecosystem

As the industry has evolved toward various types of selling that include attributes and experiences, it has placed increasing demands for distinct attributes that can be assembled and tailored for consumer shopping. In order to support these new methods of selling, it is vital that the manual and fragmented content distribution process gets transformed into a digital, integrated and dynamic ecosystem.


Revenue Management

This team will focus on creating APIs to address evolving revenue management needs.


Staff Alert Technology

Ensuring staff safety continues to be a priority for hoteliers. In spring 2019, the Staff Alert Technology Workgroup produced a Staff Alert Device Buyer’s Guide and a Staff Alert Solutions Comparison Matrix. Fast forward to today; technology has advanced, and new products are available on the marketplace that, in some cases, have additional functionalities built into them. This team will update both documents to better inform the industry on the advancements made in staff alert devices and how best those may fit into existing integrations within hotels.