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AI for Hospitality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had a broad impact on technology, but what are the key considerations in hospitality? Building management, chatbots, revenue and network management are just a few examples. Will standardization, use case evaluation or a broad program of education help the hospitality industry take the plunge into AI? This group will create a framework for hospitality AI strategies, including basic technology guidance and key deployment and implementation considerations. This will help hospitality companies accurately evaluate the solution marketplace and set the direction of AI adoption at their companies.


Attribute Modeling for the Distribution Ecosystem

The Distribution of Availability, Rates and Inventory (ARI) continues to be a challenge for hotels to provide seamless integration of ARI to distribution partners. How can hotels provide detailed ARI that enables all their revenue management strategies and allows a traveler to purchase their experience based on how the hotel chooses to merchandise their product? The industry is moving toward various types of selling that include attributes and experiences that affect how integration messaging would need to be handled. This workgroup will lead discussions on what is needed to meet the needs of the Distribution Channel, Hotel and the Traveler.


Business Analytics Transactional Extract (BATE) Phase IV *Pre-Charter

Over 400 property management systems (PMS) on the market store valuable transaction data ripe for analysis, but no standards exist to export all of that data. HTNG's Business Analytics Transactional Extract Workgroup will develop a standard Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) target to create consistency across the industry.


Express PMS Integrations

For hotels, the PMS serves as the primary interface for guests, reservations, folio and room data. Due to this, any system that interfaces with these entities requires an integration to be affective. Currently, the process of system integrations in hotels are generally lengthy and complex, especially integrations with the PMS systems. This workgroup will bring together the PMS providers and ecosystem partners to explore and develop best practices that drive improvements to the integration processes and increase efficiency.

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Next Generation Infrastructure

This group created a series of best practice documents and webinars on how to effectively deliver and deploy a fiber network in a hotel. Deliverables included and introduction to fiber and Passive Optical Network (PON) technology and design guides for new builds and retrofits. The group is now documenting case studies and power deployment scenarios.


No Room for Trafficking *Pre-charter

Human trafficking all too frequently takes place throughout the hospitality industry. This issue can be minimized, and possibly even eliminated, through education, training and technological best practices. This team will identify processes and assistive technologies to create deliverables for hoteliers to have the ability to disrupt human trafficking and protect their guests, staff and properties.


Optimizing Lodging Content for the Distribution Ecosystem

As the industry has evolved toward various types of selling that include attributes and experiences, it has placed increasing demands for distinct attributes that can be assembled and tailored for consumer shopping. In order to support these new methods of selling, it is vital that the manual and fragmented content distribution process gets transformed into a digital, integrated and dynamic ecosystem.



This workgroup released a Version 1.0 Framework in February 2013 and published an updated, Version 2.0 Framework in 2016. This group continues to address the secure payments landscape. The next steps for this group will be to publish a white paper on cloud-based PMS, update all HTNG payment documents and offer strategies to avoid the use of a primary account number (PAN) as a record identifier.


Refining Marketing Initiatives *Pre-charter

With shifting customer priorities, leaner teams and reduced budgets, commercial technology teams need to focus on new markets by looking through a new lens at their current channels. Teams must learn to respond to short-lived market trends and adjust top-line strategies accordingly. Now more than ever, it is important to automate marketing, sales and revenue management processes to establish common data links across platforms and channels and broadly measure ROI outcomes.


Revenue Management *Pre-charter

This team will focus on creating APIs to address evolving revenue management needs.


Staff Alert Technology *Pre-charter

This workgroup completed their project but a new phase is spinning up. You can join below to be included during the pre-charter phase of this workgroup.