What are AHLA's Committees?

Committees are content-focused groups that consist of representatives across all of AHLA's membership. Committees typically meet twice a year (at minimum) and are lead by a member of AHLA staff and co-chairs on two-year terms. 


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Get Involved

One of the benefits of AHLA membership is the opportunity to build professional relationships and shape the future of the lodging industry through our committees. By tackling specific challenges and opportunities in ways not feasible for larger groups, AHLA committees provide continuity of thinking for the larger organization and build progress on a cross-section of knowledge and experience.

AHLA committees serve as the venue by which your interests become industry priorities, allowing like-minded AHLA members to share expertise and insight through task- and topic-focused working groups. Deepening your involvement is a great way to simultaneously network with peers, build professional credentials, help steer the future of lodging and give back to the industry.

How Do I Join a Committee?

In order to join a committee, you must:

  • Be a current, corporate member of AHLA
  • Passionate about your professional subject matter
  • Eager to learn from and idea-share with your hospitality industry peers

To find out if you are eligible to join a committee, please reach out to committees@ahla.com.

If you have questions about membership, please reach out to Jimmy Alsberg at jalsberg@ahla.com.

Expand Your Network by Joining Ours!

Connect and collaborate with lodging professionals in your area of expertise through AHLA’s exclusive networks:

Questions? Email committees@ahla.com.

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