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Gen Z Careers in Hotels and Lodging

Funded by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation (AHLEF) and conducted by BW Research Partnership in collaboration with Hcareers, the study examines the perceptions, attitudes and career preferences of Gen Z as they gear up to enter the workforce. The study also showed that Gen Z values companies that take care of their employees, the hallmark of an industry that takes care of their people. 

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2018 Hotel Trends Survey

This recent survey, conducted by STR and funded by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation (AHLEF), underscores how hotels advance, accommodate and innovate the guest experience.

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Airbnb Analysis: CBRE Report

Short-term rental companies like Airbnb – by far the dominant player among its peers – claim they simply help regular folks occasionally rent out a spare room in their home to make some extra money. But in reality, a growing body of research, in study after study, reveals a significant – and rapidly growing – portion of Airbnb’s revenue in major U.S. cities is driven by commercial operators who rent out more than one residential property short-term visitors, essentially operating just like a hotel. Closing this 'illegal hotel loophole" is the only way for state and local governments to protect communities and ensure a fair and competitive travel marketplace. 

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Tax Policy And U.S. Hotel Industry Economic Impacts

To quantify the potential impacts of tax policy changes on the hotel industry and the industry’s valuable contributions to the US economy, Oxford Economics conducted a scenario analysis which highlights a five-year period beginning in 2018, and focuses on tax policy changes under tax cuts of $1.5 trillion over a ten-year period.

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Demystifying the Digital Marketplace

Demystifying the Digital Marketplace: Spotlight on the Hospitality Industry, is a distribution study conducted by Kalibri Labs, a research partner for the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), which explores how the evolving digital marketplace presents new opportunities for consumer engagement and revenue growth. Learn more on the key takeaways to leverage an optimal distribution channel mix, encourage direct booking and prioritize legislative and policy actions.

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U.S. Conference of Mayors Tourism, Hotel and Lodging Survey

The hotel and lodging industry is a critical component of the local economies of cities across the nation. Hotels are catalysts for increased revenue, opportunity and wages for employees and commercial growth to area business large and small. Offering career opportunities for a wide variety of people at different levels, hotels employ many entry level positions and provide internal upward mobility for their employees.


Annual Loss Cost Survey 2017

This is the 22st year that Beecher Carlson has prepared the loss cost study which benchmarks the casualty loss experience of members of the AHLA Risk Management Committee.

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AHLA Independent Marketing Guide

This guide provides strategic perspective and new tools to help independent hotels improve their marketing.

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